Mode of Payment for Users outside Pakistan

Avoiding online frauds which are so common now-a-days regarding transactions via credit cards & paypal etc.,  we have adapted Western Union is the service of choice we recommend for those of you outside Pakistan to send money safely and quickly without any hassel.

For that you need to visit and after selecting your country you can find the nearest branch of this world's largest legal money-transfer organization.

Then just visit their office and give them the money you want to send and tell them the following information about us :

First Name: Zeeshan
Last Name: Bukhari
City: Multan
Country: Pakistan
Phone Contact: +923146101111
Just pay them the money which you want to send to us and They will tell you an MTCN code which you have to tell us to collect money. Thats it.. and you are done in less than 10min with your amount reaching us in less than an hour.

As a last step you have to contact us by email at or via phone +923146101111 and tell us following details:
Your First Name
Your Last Name
MTCN Code for Money-Transfer (as Provided by Western Union)
Your City
Your Country
& The exact Amount you Sent (as printed on Western Union receipt)

Plz keep in mind that you dont have to tell us your detailed address or any phone contact of yours or your N.I.C. details. so your privacy is largely covered in it.
Anything else n plz feel free to write to me  at ..and i'll respond at the earliest  or you can call  Dr.Bukhari on +923146101111 from 2pm-9pm Pakistan Time.

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